Kapton Heaters

Northeast Flex Kapton™ Heaters


Northeast Flex Kapton heaters are manufactured from chemically etched resistive foils. The etched circuit design pattern is bonded between two layers of Kapton heater insulating materials.

Northeast Flex can fabricate your heaters to a multitude of shapes, sizes and wattage. Kapton heaters are thin and light weight with excellent dielectric strength. Kapton heaters are preferred for applications where space, weight, and low out gassing limitations exist.

Northeast Flex designs all Kapton heaters with uniformly distributed wattage, eliminating the need for edge loss compensation.NEF also provides a wide variety of control methods to manage and monitor your application. Kapton heaters can be supplied with thermistors, thermostats, thermal fuses, heat sinks and thermocouples. NEF will assemble the Kapton heater to your application through the use of pressure sensitive adhesives and epoxies. Mechanical fasteners are also available in the form of clamps, ties, springs, snaps or belts.

Northeast Flex Kapton Heater Specifications:

  • Temperature range from: -200°C to +200°C
  • Lightweight, thin profile and flexible
  • Various lead termination
  • Excellent tensile strength and tear resistance
  • Low out-gassing
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • Resistant to many solvents and oils.

Northeast Flex Kapton Heater applications:

  • Aircraft and satellite dish
  • Printing equipment industry
  • Battery heaters
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Thermal developing
  • Graphic imaging equipment
  • Test equipment
  • Medical equipment.
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