Welcome to Northeast Flex


Northeast Flex is a Flexible Heater and Thermal Solutions Manufacturing Company. Located in Westport, Massachusetts. Northeast Flex has the capabilities to provide you with simple Flexible Heaters to Total Thermal Solutions.

Using Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma, Northeast Flex features the following services:

  • Professional Design
  • Rapid Prototype Development
  • Optimized Performance and Value
  • Re-design Alternatives to Reduce Cost
  • Customized Applications and Sub-Assemblies.

Northeast Flex would like the opportunity to work with you! Whether you have questions on a new Flexible Heater application or have an existing Flexible Heater design, Northeast Flex can accommodate your needs with a Flexible Heater solution. We can design and manufacture any configuration heater to fit the size, shape, and thermal requirements of your application.

We understand that today’s manufacturing environment requires having materials and supplies available, just in time (JIT) and at point of use for optimized cellular manufacturing. Northeast Flex will work with you to establish kanban reorder points or, depending on customers usage, Northeast Flex will set up dedicated single piece flow cells to manufacture any Flexible Heater product to our customers’ requirements.

Our goal at Northeast Flex is to respond quickly and efficiently to all inquiries with the most cost effective solutions.

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